About Us

About Us

“We believe that every mother and child deserves access to professional care with love and compassion”

How HMBC got started:

It all started with baby Ezra. Baby Ezra was born to parents that did not have the correct knowledge to raise a baby. This lack of parenting skills and education almost led to baby Ezra dying. HMBC was founded in 2002 due to the overwhelming need in the community for a specialized clinic that focused on improving the health of mothers and children. HMBC  is a non-profit organization committed to delivering professional medical care to the most vulnerable and underprivileged women of our community. HMBC  is passionate about improving the lives of mothers and babies. HMBC  believes in empowering women with pre and postnatal education, to help them make informed choices about their health, pregnancy, children, and families. HMBC  partners with the Department of Health and is financially dependent on donations. HMBC  is part of the outreach ministries of Victory Christian Church.


  • Delivering professional medical care.
  • Empowering our mothers with through education, counselling, support, and compassion.
  • Good governance & transparency.
  • Partnership with the community, businesses, department of health and church.
  • The belief that healthy mothers lead to healthy babies that in turn creates healthy families that have the power to transform our community.
  • Do service our community with excellence.


  • The HMBC has serviced the Kouga community for the past 16 years.
  • HMBC works in partnership with the Department of Health.
  • The clinic is a registered NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) and PBO (Public Benefit Organisation).
  • HMBC is supported by national and international individuals and businesses.

Our vision is:

  • That every pregnant woman has access to skilled professionals that can give her support, education and care to ensure that she delivers a healthy child that thrives.
  • To help create healthy families because they are especially the basis of a healthy society.
  • That our clinic becomes a centre that offers mothers and babies, healthcare, support and education that can be replicated in other communities.
  • That the HMBC Mobile Clinic brings much-needed health care to the remote areas of our community.
  • That HMBC will become a centre of education and training for midwifery students.
  • To have our own birthing unit.

Our mission strategy is:

  • Equip, empower and train the HMBC Staff to ensure we give our community the best quality care.
  • Honour and retain our staff with salaries that are fair and reflect the good work they are doing in our community.
  • Find a permanent “home” – premises that are big enough to create a clinic that provides comprehensive maternity care for our community.
  • Create a culture in the community of supporting the healthy mom and baby clinic for the benefit of the community.
  • To create long-term relationships with local businesses and people to help support the clinics monthly operational costs.
  • Establish relationships with training institutions.

The Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic Team:

Margreet Wibbelink

Margreet Wibbelink

Midwife Specialist, Margreet Wibbelink, Co-Founder and Clinic Director. I am responsible for the management of the clinic, fundraising and offering the midwifery services at the clinic. I obtained my degree in Midwifery (2002) from the Artevelde Hogeschool in Gent, Belgium, a BcurHons in Advanced Midwifery and Neontal Nursing Science (2012) and a Master’s Research in Midwifery (2014), both from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. I am currently a PhD candidate and have been registered with the Nursing Council as a professional midwife since 2004. My experience includes: Clinical midwife at Isala Clinics in Zwolle, The Netherlands, with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology from August 2002 – September 2004 ; Midwife at maternity ward of Kouga Partnership Hospital, Humansdorp, from April 2007 – April 2008; Co-founder and clinic director of Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic in 2009, Private Midwife since 2009. I was born and raised in South Africa in a dutch family with seven children. Maybe that’s why I find myself as a midwife back in South Africa. Life is a beautiful adventure and our Creator knows how to fit all the puzzle pieces together. I have found my purpose as ‘The Surfing Midwife’ in Jeffrey’s Bay and it’s an absolute privilege to be able to do what I am doing.


Lynette Van Onselen

Lynette Van Onselen

I am a registered nursing sister and midwife. I am responsible for running the clinic on a daily basis, ordering stock and overseeing the health workers. I also offer postnatal care, immunisations and women’s health services. I completed my B.Cur (Nursing) degree in 1998 with General, Psychiatry, Community nursing and Midwifery at Stellenbosch University and have been registered as such with the South African Nursing Council ever since. I started working at HMBC in September 2014 and I am living my passion every day being of service to God and His people. My past work experience: • Primary Health Care Professional Nurse in Kouga region (1999) • Fertility & Theatre nurse in a fertility clinic in Rivonia, Santon (2001) • Theatre Manager and Quality Assurance Manager at the Al Faisal Hospital in Khartoum, Sudan for 3 years • Clinic Supervisor for the Dept of Health in the Kouga sub-district from October 2007
Linda Brandes

Linda Brandes

I am a nurse, midwife, wife and mother from Malmö, Sweden. At the age of 19, I volunteered at Give a Child a family in Margate, Kwa-Zulu Natal. I took care of abused, neglected and abandoned children. During my stay one of the children died due to HIV. This had a huge impact on my life. I returned to Sweden with a plan, to get a good education, return to Africa and be of service to the most vulnerable and poor amongst us. It took me 14 years. But here I am, in Jeffreys Bay working at HMBC. I love meeting women from other cultures and backgrounds. For the past few years I worked in clinics in Malmö that gave me the opportunity to work with women from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The English word “midwife” means “with woman” and that is exactly what I want to be: “with woman”. I want to stand with her and support her in any way that I can. I travelled across the world with my family, Mattias, Noomi and Martha to be of service to the community of Jeffreys Bay. My husband Mattias is a social worker and our daughters Noomi and Martha are in pre-school. We are looking forward to be part of Victory Church Ministries.
Rosie Joubert

Rosie Joubert

I am the newest member to the HMBC team. Before joining HMBC, I was an office manager for a company for 9.5 years Im work alongside Thandi as Office Manager and oversee the appointments for the patients, general admin of the clinic and a babysitter when the mommy is busy with one of the Sisters. I love the outdoors, both my husband and I are avid runners. I am currently pregnant with my first child but have to the privilege to be step mom to my husband’s beautiful daughter Genivieve. God led me to work at HMBC. I have loved every day I have worked at HMBC. HMBC is a safe place for mothers and babies, to get proper treatment, be helped and loved through hard circumstances. My favourite moments at the clinic is when I see a pregnant mommy excited to see her unborn baby on a scan or when a proud mommy shows off her new born.
Clara Jacobs

Clara Jacobs

I have been an assistant at HMBC for the past five years. I am originally from Cradock and have a sixteen year old son, Johanton Jacobs. Before I started working at HMBC, I worked for ten years as a HIV Aids counsellor at Pellsrus. Seven years ago when my husband died, I went to Johannesburg for a break, but upon my return I discovered that my job had been replaced. I was unemployed for two months. God sent two angels from HMBC on my path and since then I have been part of the HMBC family. I have been healed and restored through the work and the women of HMBC. It is my dream to become a trained nurse. Currently I only have training for home-based caring, HIV counselling and growth monitoring.


I’ve been working at the HMBC for 3 ½ years now. I am a nurse assistant. My job is to assess / observe every mom and baby that walks into the clinic. I also do pre-HIV testing counselling I love being part of the HMBC family.
Innocentia Radebe

Innocentia Radebe

I am the office manager at HMBC and started working at the clinic in 2009. My responsibility is to manage the day to day running of the clinic and manage the diaries of Sister Lynette and sister Margreet. My duties include making patient appointments and managing the day to day aspects of the clinic. I’m also in charge of the counselling department with Corne Boug. I love working with the youth. I oversee a group of teenagers that meet every Tuesday, I also work with a team of students from Victory Gap Year (VGY) and Leadership Experience Bible School (LXP). I am living my dream! The work I do is not just a job, it is my calling. Home is where the heart is and I’m home because my heart is in HMBC.